Many wonder what to expect at a La Leche League meeting.  We hope you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions here.


    • Can I bring my nursing baby and siblings?
      Yes! Nursing babies and siblings are always welcome at our meetings.
    • I’m nursing my toddler, are we welcome to attend meetings? Of course!  We welcome all nurslings.
    • Do I have to be a member?  No! Membership is completely optional.  LLL provides a free environment for peer to peer support.  However memberships help us continue to provide this service for free.  They help us pay for locations, books and the continued education of our Leaders.


  • I’m pregnant, should I come to meetings now?  Yes! Attending meetings during pregnancy will give you an advantage on what to expect in the early days and how to prepare with tips and ideas from other families who
    have been there before
  • What do you talk about?  We talk about a variety of topics having to deal with
    mothering and breastfeeding.  At each meeting, the leader has a topic to talk about but you are welcome to bring any questions you may have.  La Leche League strives to answer all questions.
  • Do you have a Facebook page? Yes! Find it here: LLL of Indiana Facebook Page
  • What are some other La Leche League affiliated resources?

La Leche League meetings are informal get togethers where mothers can seek support from other breastfeeding mothers.  Leaders are on site to help as needed, but an LLL meeting is not a class.  Mothers are encouraged to offer tips and ideas to other mothers.  Please note that only accredited La Leche League Leaders are authorized to represent and/or speak for La Leche League International. La Leche League meetings run in a series of four covering the topics: Advantages of Breastfeeding, Bringing Home Baby, Challenges in Breastfeeding, Nutrition and Weaning.  Leaders prepare a topic for discussion but also open the meeting up to the questions that nursing parents bring.  On average, a meeting will last about one hour but we encourage you to come even if you are running late or need to leave a little bit early.  The amount of participation during the meeting is completely up to each individual.  Mothers are encouraged to do what is comfortable for them whether it be to sit back and listen the entire time or jump in with suggestions often. If you have any questions or need immediate help please find a Group and contact a Leader in your area.610_4805small

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